Creating 21st Century competitive advantage for the European Maritime Sector
  • Through dissemination of European maritime community research outputs
  • Through provision of global visibility and relationship development support
  • By staying up-to-date on latest technologies and developments

Search for:

  • Innovative technologies
  • Technologies developed in EU funded projects
  • Enhanced traditional technologies
  • Technologies provided as services
  • Services
  • Replacement for a capacity in your design process
  • Tender calls posted by other companies
  • Various collaboration opportunities
  • Contacts


  • Project leaflets
  • Presentations describing the facilities
  • Training videos
  • Documents containing EuroVIP project information
  • User guides
  • TCP software


  • Your own technology
  • Services you provide
  • Register projects you take part in


  • An official call for collaboration (variety of)
  • A tender call


  • Interest for collaboration


  • Join the discussions in the forum
  • Browse the forum for topics of your interest
  • Use a variety of networking options
  • Browse the tenders and potentially start a collaboration by answering ones where you have the capacities to provide


  • Form private groups for confidential discussions
  • Or public groups for information gathering

Ticket System*:

  • Provide a calculation/computation/software supported work through the ticket system
  • Use calculation/computation/software supported work through the ticket system
  • Access a trial version of a software


  • TCP (Technology Collaboration Platform)
* To be available soon
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Web portal designed for the European maritime community providing search and retrieval mechanism of up to date services and technologies. It facilitates users to gain access to the right services and technologies from the right partners at the right time.

TCP - Technical Collaboration Platform

A software package that can integrate distributed software, data and expertise to a collaborative working environment. It also supports multi-criteria and objectives optimisation, results in consistent data, reduced cost and higher efficiency.

Support you to:

  • Bring the best expertise together
  • Enhance competiveness
  • Provide extended dissemination
  • Adapt to individual companies' needs
  • Provide collaboration orchestration
  • Enable matching and negotiation