The TCP is now available; click on this link to download the TCP

Time savings

The automation of data management and workflow allowed the time taken for the entire process to be reduced significantly. As the platform could run, autonomously, overnight hundreds of design variations, often with multiple parameters could be evaluated in a timely manner.

Easy to use

It was demonstrated that a new user could quickly familiarise themselves with the operation of the platform, configure a new project, integrate CAD and CFD tools, and start designing with it in approximately three hours.

Tool improvement

When a company integrated a tool into the VIP their inhouse codes were improved. The result eliminated the need for the user to manually input certain values, and reduced the possibility of errors caused by carelessness.

Data consistency

On the project the platform guaranteed data consistency across resistance, manoeuvring, and sea keeping calculations of the hull. Human error was also avoided by storing the correct configuration of the tools used.