WP1: Administrative Management of the Project

  • Transparent project management to ensure the success of EuroVIP;
  • Producing evolving work plan every two months;
  • Ensure that the work performed in each WP meets project expectations and standards as will be checked in the Steering Group.

WP2: Operation Level Of Collaboration

Co-ordinate partners to address the infrastructure, management structure and operational processes of innovative service, technology and information exchange

  • Discover and analyse service, technology and information collaboration modes at operational level
  • Operational collaboration model
  • Discover and prioritise collaboration requirements at operational level
  • Enable operational collaboration and networking
  • Analyse impact of operational collaboration

WP3: Technical Level of Collaboration

Consolidate the best innovative techniques and mechanisms into delivering a robust and reliable platform, which accelerates transfer of innovative technologies and research results.

  • Discover and prioritise collaboration requirements at technical level
  • Enable technical collaboration and networking
  • Analyse impact of technical collaboration

WP4: enhancing Networking and Partnering

Deliver a facility that includes a repository of collaboration partners, innovative STI exploitables, providing a unified search and retrieval mechanism of the available resources.

  • Partnership repository
  • Search mechanism
  • Dynamic rapid configuration, realisation and delivery of integrated partnerships

WP5: Benchmark Studies

To evaluate work in WP2-4, Six benchmark studies will be conducted in this task focusing on service, technology and information transfer at the operational and technical level.

  • Collect benchmark study requirements
  • Collaboration benchmark studies
  • Analyse impact of benchmark studies

WP6: Dissemination

To disseminate the project to a wider audience in addition to the project partners, in order to promote SMEs’ broader engagement

  • Project website
  • Training and technology transfer to industry
  • Demonstrations
  • Best practice guide
  • Final year conference
  • Exploitation