• Instigate a EuroVIP core networking group to foster the establishment of dynamic partnerships among European SMEs, larger companies and academia.
  • Identify SME collaboration/partnership requirements from service, technology, and information perspectives.
  • Develop the structure and operation of these partnerships and use the VIP to effectively transfer service, technology and information advances and best practice in support of these partnerships.
  • Initially develop partnerships within the core networking group the feature significant exchange/transfer of STI advances and best practice for the purpose of improving competitive advantage.
  • Support the core networking group to illustrate through at least six showcases, that the exchange/transfer of service, technology and information advances and best practice improves their competitive position.
  • Extend the networking group.
  • Facilitate the development of future collaborative research challenges and strategies so the partnerships will be sustained beyond the project.
  • Disseminate and exploit collaboration best practice and results obtained from this project, through a series of workshops and conferences, to a wider audience.