EuroVIP offers the maritime sector the opportunity to collaborate at the highest level, sharing services and technology in addition to cutting edge design optimisation systems.

EuroVIP is the link bringing those providing services and systems together with those who require unique solutions, in a growing network across Europe.

Your company/organisation:

Specialises in new build or conversion of vessels.

Provides design and optimisation services.

Has many different activities performed in separate departments or across individual sites or partner companies.

Provides or seeks new services and/or technologies, and wants to make your provision more visible.
Provides or seeks new services and/or technologies, and wants to make your provision more visible.
Complex interactions often results in the need for rework, inefficiencies, propagation of errors and lack of awareness of progress against plans.
Provides or seeks new services and/or technologies, and wants to make your provision more visible.
Allowing your organisation open access to supported partnerships developed in EuroVIP.
Offering you the opportunity to work with other companies through exchange/transfer of services and/or technologies.
Bringing you together with one or more organisation(s) to improve competitive advantage for all.
Keeping you up to date with current thinking, innovative services and technologies.
Where EuroVIP can make the difference:

Project summary

EuroVIP aims to co-ordinate European maritime SMEs, associations, larger companies, and research institutions to promote the application of research results and innovative technologies in SMEs, by service, technology and information (STI) transfer in terms of operational and technical collaboration. It will provide a viable means for the exploitation of outputs from past, present and future projects.

Collaboration through the exchange of industrial and research innovations is a key factor in achieving the competitive benefits that globalisation can bring to maritime organisations. However, achieving successful awareness and effective collaboration remains a significant obstacle. There is a clear need for European SMEs to fully engage with each other and to adopt a more advanced approach with regard to the exploitation of innovations through the development of collaborations on a grander geographical scale.

A concerted co-ordinated activity is needed to exploit innovations, making them widely available and supporting their use throughout Europe. Conventionally this would be achieved through knowledge exchange workshops to facilitate networking amongst interested organisations. EuroVIP takes a novel state-of-the-art approach to Virtual Integrated Partnering (VIP) and collaboration for the exchange of advances and innovations, coupled with workshops, demonstration “road shows”, and meetings to bring together research outputs and expertise for exploitation.

The project will identify technologies with the highest potential impact and build partnerships for the exploitation of such. Best collaborative practice will be disseminated to facilitate SMEs in finding the right partnership, right innovations at the right time, and to configure and enable such partnership. Benchmark studies will be carried out to show best practice and the potential of innovation transfer to the wider maritime SME community and enhanced dynamic collaborative partnerships will be established.